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In Conversation with Co-Founder and Creative Director
Edwina Forest

A morning ritual has never been more important to Aje Co-founder and Creative Director Edwina Forest. In a personal evolution to prioritise her own wellbeing to enrich her performance, Edwina talks to the Aje Report on how she discovered meditation in Bali in her early twenties, and the process of designing eco-led capsule pieces to celebrate the mind and body.

Energise your own morning ritual from Edwina’s personal meditation practice and be intrigued by her moments in her favourite place to meditate in Australia.

Talk us through your morning meditation practice. Are there key moments in your ritual that are crucial for setting your intentions for the time ahead?

Mornings have always been very sacred for me, as the way I greet the day has a huge bearing on how I feel and behave throughout it. Life is busy and it’s important to be centred and cognisant as there are always important decisions to make. I have tried to instil a simple and gentle morning ritual that allows me to remain focussed and centred. This involves making a herbal tea, lighting my favourite Astier de Villatte incense, and trying my best to meditate unguided for at least ten minutes, before my daughter awakes, and setting one strong intention for the day. If I have a little more time, I also love to move into a few of my favourite yoga poses, but this rarely happens at the moment unfortunately.

Why did you begin practicing meditation and for how long have you been practicing it for?

I first found yoga when I was in my early twenties in Bali with Adrian, when we had just started Aje. I was wildly into running at the time, which was very jarring for my system, but felt necessary in order to calm my overactive head. Yoga provided a means by which to move and stretch my body in a powerful yet gentle way whilst also allowing time to centre my mind. It became both a mental and physical reprieve for me. I found meditation quite some time after but wish I had found it in childhood. It has such transformative powers and has become a powerful tool to take with me wherever I go as it allows me to find calm in amongst times of madness.


Where is your favourite place to meditate?

My favourite place to meditate is on our farm in the southern tablelands. Meditating in nature, without distraction from the outside world, is so powerful as it allows you to connect on a much deeper level. I also had a very beautiful experience meditating at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat when my husband and I retreated there for some much needed time out post baby, earlier in the year. The location is very sacred for First Nations People and the energetic vibration of the place resonated very strongly with me.

Describe how your meditation practice informs your view on well being.

Meditation allows a moment of reprieve from the chaos of the mind, and the stresses we so strongly perceive to be real that overtake our waking world. It allows one to centre and reconnect with oneself and breaks down barriers of control to allow surrender.


How has your meditation ritual inspired the designs for AJE ATHLETICA?

 Through the design process for Aje Athletica we have strongly considered sustainable practices that tie back to our love of nature, in addition to performance attributes that allow people to perform at high intensity. All of this has been done through a fashion lens, as it's important that people look and feel cool and comfortable whether exercising their bodies, or their minds.

Photographer: Felix Forest
Shot on location at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

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