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Resort 23


Welcome to the Virtual Showroom

“It is natural to use earth as a canvas. I think of earth as a sculpture in space.” — Lita Albuquerque

Discover Resort 23 ‘Sculptura’: an ode to the eternal dance between human, landscape and art.

Encapsulating a place where art, the body and nature entwine, Resort 23 is an exploration of the inherent interplay between form and space. Curated through a desire to both co-exist and create with the landscape, the collection manifests in a melange of tonal textures and unexpected shapes that defy traditional forms, underscored by a cacophony of coloured blooms gracing minimal and maximal silhouettes alike.

A deepening of the House’s perennial reverence for nature and art, Creative Directors Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris sought inspiration in the philosophies of emerging sculptors, drawing from their sensorial interpretations of the world around them. Beginning with the bursting hues found in the vast landscape art installations of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the genesis continued with the wave-like fields of Maya Lin, the painterly botanicals of Simone Bodmer-Turner and Emma Kohlmann, and the sinuous stoneware of Malene Knudsen.  

This assemblage of influences inform a collection of contrasts, combining sculpturesque silhouettes with textural pleating; dramatic draping with unexpected cutouts; sheer overlays bedecked with beading, cornelli lace boasting interwoven metalwork: each element working to both reveal and conceal the body. The undulating hills of Lin’s famous ‘Storm King Wavefield’ find new form in asymmetrical accents, tubular trims and radical ruffles, appearing on hemlines, sleeves and bodices to create voluminous shapes that tease the eye. Signature raw edge accents cameo throughout, most notably on hemlines and as latticework adorning miniskirts for an elegantly undone effect.

Presenting in vivid citrus hues imbued with golden undertones, monochromatic pieces are interspersed with peaceful ivory and soft stone shades. Borrowing from the same palette, this season’s prints come to life in bold, hand-created florals and broad, freeform brushstrokes, while vibrant fringing on epaulettes, hemlines and denim submerge the body in colour.

Accessories exude a similarly heightened aura, with woven clutches and beaded mini bags elevated further through tubular metallic tassels and hand-cast chain straps. Pared-back metal necklaces and mobile earrings complete the collection; forming minimalist objets d’art unto themselves.

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