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Postcards - Step Into Our World | Aje Fashion House HQ

Step into our world. Designed as the Aje fashion house’s headquarters and an intentionally collaborative creative space, the Surry Hills building has a grand scale and instinctual reflection of the natural textures, tonal hues and artisan design details of Aje’s 22 retail environments across Australia and New Zealand. Luminous natural light and a special ambiance fill the space - where stylists, media and creatives browse the latest collections in a hybrid showroom alongside Aje’s day-to-day functional spaces.


You are invited behind the scenes and into our home; the conceptualisation, physical embodiment and essence of Aje.


Connected by a central glass atrium which oversees the interior showroom, offices and breakout rooms accommodate working spaces for the Aje team and meeting rooms for friends of the brand.

Photography by: Felix Forest

Photography by: Felix Forest

Photography by: Felix Forest

Aje Co-Founder and CEO Adrian Norris says of the space, “To reflect the Aje brand ethos and our all-embracing, immersive retail spaces, we focused on maintaining a beautiful flow from the entry, through to the open and light-filled showroom which possesses such a light and spacious feel to it.”


In collaboration with THOSE architects, the space was designed in respect to its heritage with signature Aje fashion house design touchpoints and artisanal details including textural rendered arches meeting large-scale raw travertine tiles, curved walls overlaid with upcycled timber battening, high ceilings with exposed raw timber beams, wooden balustrades and handmade brass sconces. Tactile elements embody the perfect coming together of Aje’s urban meets coastal design codes.

Edwina Forest, Aje Co-Founder and Creative Director, muses on the inspiration behind the interiors, “Adrian and I have been creative partners for more than 13 years and always found ourselves to be moved and grounded by art, especially in the textural realm. Visiting interesting art foundations has been an enduring source of influence – favourites include Boros Foundation, Brancusi Studio, Fondation Maeght and more locally - Fox Jensen Gallery. Personally I am also very moved by the interior work of Axel Vervoordt, Pierre Yovanovitch, Studio Oliver Gustav and our dear friends at Maison Hand.”


The works of Australian artists and furniture designers including Felix Forest, Henry Wilson, Tamsin Johnson, Chanel Tobler, Sarah Ellison, Dinosaur Designs and Maison Balzac take pride of place throughout the office; alongside mid-century designer pieces. The interiors follow a natural colour and textural array of woods, travertines and leathers that allow the space to feel unique, creative and welcoming, reflecting the aesthetic of Aje boutiques.

Photography by: Felix Forest

A transformative space, let the charm, refinement and intimacy of the Aje fashion house HQ transport you through our sartorial lens.

Photography by: Felix Forest

Photography by: Felix Forest

Photographer: Felix Forest

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