Discover The Looks

Referencing the notions of transience and imperfection in Impermanence, the collection’s colour palette roots itself in the natural world. Beginning in July with a sea of green, moss and olive merge into an ode to oxidation in the form of rust, a grounded yet vivid statement hue. Touches of nude and blush make an appearance in the Abstraction print, before a sea of stone is introduced late in the month. In a final ode, September sees a bloom in time for Spring with a focus on rose, rouge red and neutral in the form of camel.


Aligned harmoniously with Impermanence’s ode to the imperfect, see Aje’s signature take on volume evolved with the addition of asymmetry, experimental construction and deconstruction. Find the introduction of organic shirting where it then meets clever drapery, pleated detail and raw hemlines.


See the introduction of Aje’s first organic cotton, recycled wool cotton blend and recycled polyester. These are met with the continued use of Aje’s signatures including patra silk linen, merino wool blend, hammered silk, linen, leather and denim.