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Passionate and a dreamer, she lives by the philosophy of loving harder. Balancing business and family with equal devotion, she's a woman on a mission, full of gratitude to where life has brought her so far. Finding the greatest joy in connecting and empowering incredible women the world over, meet our latest Aje Insider, mum of three and LA based designer TyLynn Nguyen.

DESCRIBE your journey to where you are now with your eponymous label

It was a God seed! I dreamt all of my life about being a designer. I attended college and had a brief conversation that stuck with me about the importance of beautiful undergarments. My teacher was explaining how lingerie had changed over the decades to persuade a partner that women were desirable (women are desirable in any shape and form so I thought that was silly). I felt that women needed lingerie that was first and foremost a reflection of their ideals about themselves. We are a culmination of all of the people that came before us. A powerful being that has made it! Our genes made it! And for that here we are — wrap your mind around that. We are spectacular.

I wanted to wear elegant, straight forward pieces so I sat down at my sewing machine and started sewing (I can sew!). I told my husband my plan. He believes in me so much so he helped me (his background is in marketing and he’s had his own line before). It’s funny how if you have patience all the pieces fall into place.

So I launched in March of 2015. There have been so many waves for me learning my business and how to best execute my vision with my team of 4. When I had my 3rd child in January of 2018, I suffered from postpartum depression. I felt overwhelmed. I took some time to myself. Now we are restocking the website Early 2019 and have a retailer I have admired for years selling my lingerie. I’m so excited and full of expectation. I am full of gratitude!


best part about being a designer

Executing my vision!

describe the 'tylYnn nguyen' woman

She is passionate and a dreamer. A woman who knows what she wants without doubt. She knows what she brings to the table and doesn’t harp on things not meant for her. She is regal with shoulders strong enough to carry the incredible blessings set forth for her.


Where you find inspiration

I find inspiration when I speak to God. He leads me and is my strength.


career highlight so far

Wow! I have so many!
I’m going to highlight all of the incredible women I have been able to connect with all around the world. My goal is to help women become their best selves while being my best self. That is the best feeling in the world.


best piece of advice ever received

From my husband “People may not understand God’s vision for your life. But you must live it out to honor him.”

Advice you would offer to other female entrepreneurs

Invest in your relationships. People are so important.


Biggest challenge of running your own business

Wearing many hats.


Women you look up to in life

My mother. She is strong and has made me the woman I am today.

Between work and family, how do you find a balance that works for you

I just DO it. Everyone has their schedules and I’m a doer. It’s in my personality to do a lot. I write our schedules out / put it in my phone / and love on my family.


Best way to recharge / look after yourself

I love to read or just sit on the couch with candles burning, the lights dimmed and a deep conversation with my husband.

Your best addresses as an LA local

Moon Juice – Melrose Place
Zinqué Cafe – Melrose Avenue
The Little Beach House Malibu


What you never leave home without

Cocokind chapstick


Your style philosophy

Less is more.

Most treasured piece you own

I have these stunning white Chanel Loafers.


your beauty obsessions

Lesse Organic Face Oil, Verso Anti Pollution Mist, and Oribe Superfine Hair Spray.


Confidence to you means

Loving yourself and speaking kind things internally.

Words you live by

Love harder.


What's coming next is launching all new products and we have a fun surprise happening! Watch my IG (@TyLynnNguyen) for more.

Aje Insider : TyLynn Nguyen @TyLynnNguyen
Beauty : Zara Kaplan @ZaraKaplanMakeup

Location : Calabasas, California

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